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Dance Packages

Dance floor Package – Alpha – $250 Hire

2xMoving head lights - these are robotic, the beam and light shape moves around the room
2xGlo Totems - This is the base the lights sit on, it has a white fabric sleeve that sits over it that the lights inside shine onto to make it glow.
2xColoured wash light - These are the lights that sit inside the totem, they are fully remote controlled and can strobe, be a static colour, and/or fade.
1xLarge fog machine or bubble machine. - includes fluid.
Includes set up and delivery around central Christchurch, pack down extra.
Optional extras with this bundle only;
2xSpeakers + Microphone $120 (add a subwoofer for $40 extra)
4xWash lights $120
8xWash lights $220
16xWash lights $400