Lighting Hire

LED Effects & Disco Lights

A range of all of our Disco lights and effects, bright, colourful and fun! These lights are a must have for any party, very popular with kids parties-21sts whit a wide variety of cool patterns to dance the night away,
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UV / Black Lights

UV / Black Lights are used to make all your fluro and bright colours glow, extremely reactive to whites and high-viz colours.
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Laser Lights

From small to big these lights don't generate a massive amount of light but have huge range with very bright colours, great for use with fog machines, dance parties and even advertising with programmable functions which have been used in weddings and functions to display messages and memoirs.
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Strobe Lights

If you're having a party, you're more than likely going to want a strobe light! Flashing bright white lights that create a slow motion effect, our strobes also come in colour and have built in sound activated modes to dance to the music.
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