How to hire?

So you've made your choice or want to know a little more info and now you're wondering how?
We have a few forms of basic contact below, ranging from different reply speeds and effectiveness!
Please don't hesitate to contact us in one form or another, we're always delighted to hear your big plans for your event and we go out of our way to achieve a multitude of event layouts from the simple laser on the table top, to the fully rigged out event Truss packed with computer controlled lighting, we'd love a chat to hear what you'd like.

We like sharing our toys! (:

Contact us

Email - Ethan on
We prefer emails as it's an easy way for us to get back to you when we can, and gives you as much time in the world to fully explain what you want to achieve.

Call/Txt - Ethan on 0273384281
Calls are the fastest way to get a hold of me, or my annoying answering phone, txts are easy too if you provide me a little information or if you'd like me to call you flick me a txt also and I'll call you back.

Facebook - Click Here
Flick us a mail on Facebook, probably the slowest form of contact but we do check it daily.